THEA by Thara creates the perfect silhouette for our muse in mind: a feminine figure, understatedly sensual yet embodies unwavering effortless confidence and distinct style. Her strong style of New York city chic is reinterpreted when merged alongside the more modest essence of the Asian culture. Collections emulate ethearealism and fluidity with a counterbalance of a hint of refined constructiveness with THEA's trademark use of delicate fabrics together with elegant construction. Alongside the perfect silhouettes, exquisite prints created every new collection interprets the merging of art and fashion in our modern world. THEA by Thara merges art and fashion, fluidity, romance, nostalgia with architecture, coolness, and boyishness. With all these elements, the underlying philosophy still remains organic to the roots of fashion created with intricacy. When one thinks of THEA by Thara, "Simple silhouettes with meticulous details" comes to mind.