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Holiday 2016 (KOMOREBI)


Holiday 2016

Spring had just arrived and pink, beautiful flowers had bloomed in the trees. Although these cherry blossoms seemed to differ here than in her homeland, she had loved them all the same. Standing under the fully bloomed tree was Little Kiyomi. The youngest princess of the woods, and she would be turning 7 tomorrow.

Her little steps and her little feet took her deeper and deeper into the woods, as the slight breeze brushed across her cheeks, just like when her mother’s touch, when she used to kiss Kiyomi goodnight. So gentle, yet so strong, so poetic yet so unreal.

She put her head up and suddenly, she saw what seemed like diamonds in between the leaves of the blossoms, they were dancing among the twigs and the sakura petals.

Kiyomi marveled at this everyday elegance that nature created, something so familiar that it can go easily unnoticed yet it is so magical that it can take one’s breath away when they do notice it. She put up her little hand and tried to touch the “diamonds” but alas, they’re unreacheable.

“Komorebi”  said Little Kiyomi, and the word explaining this magical sighting,  of sunlight filtering and dancing through the leaves of the trees was born.

“Komorebi, Komorebi,” sang Little Kiyomi, as she skipped further into the cherry blossom woods.

Thea By Thara’s, Holiday 2016 collection was inspired by this beautiful moment in nature, the interplay between the light and the leaves, of light filtering through the leaves.  Collection emulates soft fabrics with blossoms like trimmings along hemlines and neckline. Colors used in this ethereal collection includes blush, peony, whites, silvers, rain and greys.  Be brought back to the moment of being surrounded by nature in a light curtain with this collection, Holiday 2016, “Komorebi”