• Majestic Oplulence Gown

    Price : USD 1,185.00

  • Autumn Twilight Dress

    Price : USD 455.00

  • Traditional Pavilions Dress

    Price : USD 445.00

  • Majestic Opulence Blouse

    Price : USD 325.00

  • Silk Powder Window Gown

    Price : USD 735.00

  • Orchid Lake Dress

    Price : USD 410.00

  • Traditional Pavilions Jumpsuit

    Price : USD 670.00

  • Dainty Plum Blossoms Gown

    Price : USD 970.00

  • Shy Demeanor Top

    Price : USD 275.00

  • Flowing Landscape Gown

    Price : USD 970.00

  • Lines of Poetry Dress

    Price : USD 670.00

  • Dainty Plum Blossoms Top

    Price : USD 275.00

  • Orchid Lake Top

    Price : USD 275.00

  • Unwinding Scrolls Blouse

    Price : USD 210.00

  • Palace Walls Jumpsuit

    Price : USD 325.00


FALL 2017 The Porcelain Empress


FALL 2017

A ravishing collection is showcased this season embracing the demure and elegant aesthetic of the oriental dynasty. Returning to the roots of the rich Eastern culture and history, this Pre-fall 2017 embodies an opulent display of oriental surrealism and aesthetic.

Demure and timeless, yet modernistic, these are the silhouettes recreated this season. Coupled with stunning draping details, dainty, intricate embroidery (3 dimensional) inspired by the picturesque gardens, beautiful traditional architecture and the smaller ornaments of oriental history can also be expected.

The tones this season ranges from the fairest and purest of whites to the luxurious and deepest of indigo. Thea by Thara's latest collection Pre-fall 2017 brings us back in time and is streamlined for our modern starlets who would loves celebrating the elegant aesthetic of the oriental allure.