Thea Manifesto

We believe that fashion is more than just clothes. It's a lifestyle, it's being proud of yourself, it's confidence, it's celebrating femininity, it brings people together, it's art, the kind that is seen every day, everywhere on the streets, all over the world.

We believe great fashion is like magic. It gives people an unseen confidence. We want our girls to feel empowered, beautiful and confident to take on the world in our clothes. Because people who shine from within don't need the spotlight.

We believe in being you because the most attractive people are those with a sense of freedom and being true to who they are.

We believe in having your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground.
We believe that travel is knowledge, that it makes one modest, and life is not meant to be lived in one place. Most important, we believe in love, in the best of people and that every day is a gift.

Therefore, Thea by Thara


Company Overview

THEA by Thara creates the perfect silhouette for our muse in mind: a feminine figure, understatedly embodying sensuality yet also an unwavering effortless confidence and distinct style. Her strong style of New York City chic is reinterpreted when placed alongside the more modest essence of the Asian culture.

With THEA's trademark use of delicate fabrics and elegant construction, our collections depict ethereal fluidity, counterbalanced by a hint of refined constructiveness. Alongside the perfect silhouettes, exquisite prints created for every new collection interprets the fusion of art and fashion in our modern world.

THEA by Thara merges art and fashion, fluidity, romance, nostalgia with architecture, coolness, and boyishness. With all these elements, our underlying philosophy still remains organic to the roots of fashion created with intricacy.




Born and raised in Thailand, Tawanna received her Fashion Degree from Chulalongkorn University before studying embroideries design in the UK. She then continued her studies in fashion design and pattern making at Parsons School for Design and Fashion Institute of Technology.

Thara joined a top embroidery fashion company that designs for high-end designers such as Phillip Lim, Anna Sui, Richard Chai, Rachel Roy, and Nicole Miller. She’s also worked in many fashion companies in NYC to gain valuable experience. After working in the fashion industry for 3 years, she launched her eponymous collection “Thara” in Spring 2009. Thara now has over 30 boutique stores in the US, UK, and Dubai. In 2011, she introduced a sister brand “THEA by Thara” to the Asian market -- collections that understand how women want to look in everyday life.